Arts & Crafts

For many people, focusing on creative work is a crucial way to improve overall well-being.

Making something, art, or drawing on nature as a source of inspiration – these things have been described over and over as relaxing and calming.

People talk about art helping them “gain control of how they feel” or “the only thing that makes me relax”

Jan notes that the art group has provided an automatic community, which prevented her from being isolated and more depressed.


Art – Fridays 11am – 1pm

Thursday Crafts Corner 10.30am to 2-ish.

Craft activities and peer support

Art and craft courses provide alternatives to gardening and cooking and run throughout the year, even the dormant winter months. From one off courses to weekly programmes recent activities include painting and drawing, card making, floral table decorations, Christmas wreath making, pottery and ‘knit and natter’.

As well as the many informal opportunities for supportive conversations, sitting enjoying the garden or working alongside each other we have a group of members who are trained in offering peer support. We work closely with our local branch of Mind who run informative mental health support sessions.

Sessions run throughout the year.

Art, willow basketry, soap making plus so much more.

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