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Abbey Physic Community Garden

Providing companionship, therapeutic activities, training and skill building for people
with mental health issues, those who are socially isolated and everyone in the wider community.

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Monday, 10th May to Sunday, 17th May

Mental Health Awareness Week is important for the Abbey Physic Community Garden, where trying to encourage open conversations about mental health, and reduce the social stigma associated with it, are key parts of what we do.

To Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 we will be posting a video to our YouTube channel every day of the week, with themes following the acronym 'GARDENS', click below to visit the channel.

March 2021 - Reopening for Gardening and Peer Support

Dear members and friends,

We are pleased to be able to take this first small step in providing support for more members again. As of next Monday, 8th March, the garden will be available for gardening, Horticulture Training, Men`s Shed and peer support sessions of up to 15 members at a time. For now the garden will continue to be available for members only, but as always anyone can become a member, please click the button below for membership:

We can't say for certain yet when other activities will resume, but we will be revisiting this question at the end of March when the latest government update is made public. In the meantime, the Faversham Community Kitchen will be continuing to run online social and cook-a-long sessions every Wednesday and Friday - everyone's welcome, please scroll down the page for details of how to connect to one of these sessions.

We know many people may still be uncomfortable about leaving home, and there's no absolutely no pressure to do so until you're comfortable and ready. We've got lots of days and timeslots when you can come to the garden, so there's no need to worry about missing out - please get in touch only when you're ready to come back.

Some details:

  • We will be reinstating the weekly rota of 2 hour morning and afternoon sessions, every weekday except for Tuesdays.
  • Sessions are booked by contacting us at 01795 539915 or tom.abbeyphysic@gmail.com - please include your name, your preferred day and time, and how we can get in touch to confirm your slot.
  • We will be maintaining and reminding people about all pre-existing rules around social distancing and hygiene so that everyone can feel safe while at the garden.
  • The gate will remain closed, but will be unlocked for people to let themselves in for their timeslot.

We're looking forward to seeing more familiar faces, and we thank everyone for understanding as we begin to bring people back at a slow and safe pace, continuing to take things one day at a time as we all have been this past year.

Reopening To The Public:

Due to the ongoing situation we sincerely regret that we do not currently have any plans to reopen the garden to the general public. As soon as that changes we will post any updates both here, and on our Facebook and other social media pages.

Useful links and contact information for accessing support during lockdown:

  • Taking good care of our own and each other's mental health is vital at the moment - for an excellent list of resources to support you or someone you know please click here.
  • The local Safe Haven 24 hour phone lines, providing crisis support for those struggling during the pandemic, can be reached on 07876 476703 or 07483 163953.
  • The Abbey Physic Community Garden can provide members with vouchers to access Faversham Food Bank, please contact us at tom.abbeyphysic@gmail.com or 01795 539915 - to visit the Faversham Food Bank website please click here.
  • The APCG Members' Whatsapp Group is available to all with smartphones or tablets - for an invite to the group please contact tom.abbeyphysic@gmail.com.
  • The Faversham Community Coronavirus Help and Support group can be found on Facebook - please click here.
  • The Covid-19 Mutual Aid website has a comprehensive list of groups organising support for residents of all areas, including smaller villages - to search for a group please click here

Very best wishes,

The Abbey Physic Community Garden Team


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Have a look at some of the things we do.

Everyone welcome, get in contact and join in, we'd love to see you.

Horticulture Training


Come and train in horticulture and get to know how to grow.

Community Kitchen


Join our cookery sessions and get skilled up, motivated and ignite your spark.

Ground Force Action Team


Help to build sustainable wildlife areas in the heart of Faversham.

Faversham Men's Shed


Shoulder to shoulder.
You are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Art & Crafts


Sessions run throughout the year.
Art, willow basketry, soap-making plus so much more.

Happy Café


Action for Happiness
Come for the coffee and stay for the conversation.

Growing a Healthy Community


What we offer

We actively support people isolated by their mental or physical health, or social and economic disadvantage, and we give them a community to feel a part of. The APCG offers a healing space for all, regardless of age, culture or ability.

  • We help breakdown social isolation through informal networking by providing a space to meet casually, to relax and de-stress.
  • Participation can support members improve their ability to manage thoughts, emotions and build social relationships.
  • Improve confidence to support members natural ability to learn and acquire skills, ultimately enabling full participation in their community.
  • We focus on the Garden's ability to affect good mental and physical health.

Who we are for

For many people it is a delightful destination during a pleasant day out. For others who take a different path to the Physic Garden, it is a far more meaningful place.

You will find a peaceful refuge from a life outside which may be chaotic or troubled.

The benefits that people gain include social connections, self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being, and not least the simple knowledge that people care for them.


Why we are needed

We know the statistic of 1 in 4 experiencing mental health issues, and we know rates of self-harm in the UK are the highest in Europe.

We also know that people with mental health issues are amongst the least likely of any group with long-term mental health issues to:

  • Find work
  • Be in a long-term relationship
  • Live in decent housing
  • Be socially included in mainstream society

Research from Time to Change shows the best way to challenge discrimination and stereotypes is through first-hand contact with people with experience of mental health issues.

That is why we are open to everyone, the wider community, schools and groups, over 5,000 visitors a year and participate in many annual community events.



Better for our members


Improved mental health, less social isolation, new friends and more consumption of healthy food are just some of the benefits that people enjoy from taking part in the garden and its activities.

Better for the environment


As well as gardening organically we garden sustainably, following the principles of Permaculture and act as a Land Learning Centre in conjunction with the Permaculture Association.

Better for the community


In 2019 over 6,000 people visited the garden.

As well as local people we welcomed visitors from countries in Europe, Australia, and even a South Korean film crew who spent a day documenting what we do to take the gardening for health message back home.

Come and see us!

It's a nice place to be.