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Abbey Physic Community Garden

Helping our members and the wider public maintain or improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, build diverse skills and confidence, reduce social isolation and connect with their community. Through our commitment to equality and diversity and provision of inclusive services and support we aim to break down the stigma of mental ill health and build understanding and empathy.

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A Garden For Everyone

What does the garden mean for you?

Please note: The Garden is temporarily closed for renovations from Wednesday 21st September

Dear Members and Friends,

As many of you know back in June we had to put our renovations around the cabin on hold in order to focus on other matters. We're really pleased to now find ourselves able to get back to finishing the job. Before the days get too short, and the weather goes off, we really need to get stuck into this as soon as possible. It's important to make the area accessible, get it looking good, and to get the cabin back in action for the winter. So we've arranged to get to work on Wednesday, 21st September.

This regretably means that the garden will be closed for the duration. This is purely for reasons of safety, as all of the heavy lifting and work to be carried out is directly inside the entrance and across the only path into the garden.

We'll be doing absolutely everything we can to ensure that the closure is as short as possible (if you would like to help with that please keep reading), and also to put out information and updates to let everyone know how it's going and when we'll be able to open up again. It's a bit tricky to put a date on exactly when things will open back up, but we are hoping to be well along and able to be much more definite within two weeks.

In Need of Support While We're Closed?

We don't take the decision to close the garden lightly, if you or anyone you know is in need of urgent support here are some essential numbers:

  • Urgent Mental Health Helpline - 0800 7839 111
  • Faversham Foodbank - 07938 720 604
  • Samaritans - 116 123

For anything else please don't hesitate to get in touch at: tom.abbeyphysic@gmail.com or by calling 01795 539915.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and understanding, and for coming together to help each other make this another really special summer at the garden. It's been a privelege to see the many ways that people support one another and the garden, particularly when times are difficult.

We're really looking forward to making the entrance area finally feel as beautiful, special, and welcoming as the rest of the garden. Thank you so much to everyone for your patience and understanding - we'll see you soon.

Best Wishes,

The APCG Team

We hope there is something for everyone here, whether you would like to do some gardening, meet and spend time with people, join in with a group or activity, or just find a quiet corner to relax in nature.

*UPDATED FOR Autumn 2022* Click here for a list of days and times for current activities, and groups, as well as upcoming events at the garden.

Anyone can become a member - contact us at tom.abbeyphysic@gmail.com, call 01795 539915, visit our membership page, or come along to the garden any time during members' opening hours to find out more.

Current Opening Times

Now Open to the Public Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Monday - 10am - 3pm

Tuesday - Horticulture Group
Wednesday - 10am - 3pm

Thursday - 10am - 3pm
Friday - 10am - 3pm (Open to the public)

Saturday - 11am - 2pm (Open to the public))
Sunday - 11am - 2pm (Open to the public)

Keep up with all of the latest news from the garden, find out about activities, groups, and upcoming events by clicking the buttons and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch at 01795 539915 or at communitygarden@abbeyphysic.org

Very best wishes,

The Abbey Physic Community Garden Team

Ways to Wellbeing at The Garden

From our 'Gardening For The Mind' course, to wellness workshops, talking groups, and drop-in sessions of Qui Gong Tai Chi and Havening, there are many different ways to wellness at the APCG.

Wellbeing Activities at APCG


Focus On: The Happy Cafe



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The Faversham and District Community Lottery is an innovative new fundraising scheme from Faversham Town Council. Your purchase of tickets at £1 each not only allows you to directly fund good causes like the Abbey Physic Community Garden, but also enters you for a weekly prize draw with cash prizes from £25 up to £25,000!

Please click the button below to get your tickets in support of the ongoing work of the garden - thank you.

Have a look at some of the things we do.

Everyone welcome, get in contact and join in, we'd love to see you.

Horticulture Training


Come and train in horticulture and get to know how to grow.

Community Kitchen


Cookery sessions and get skilled up, motivated and ignite your spark.

All Year Round Gardening


Help to maintain our award winning garden in the heart of Faversham.

Faversham Men's Shed


Shoulder to shoulder.
You are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Art & Crafts


Weekly sessions
Art & crafts

Happy Café


Come for the coffee and stay for the conversation.

Growing a Healthy Community


What we offer

The APCG offers a healing space for all, regardless of age, culture or ability.

  • We help breakdown social isolation through informal networking by providing a space to meet casually, to relax and de-stress.
  • Participation can support members improve their ability to manage thoughts, emotions and build social relationships.
  • Improve confidence to support members natural ability to learn and acquire skills, ultimately enabling full participation in their community.
  • We focus on the Garden's ability to affect good mental and physical health.

Who we are for

We actively support people isolated by their mental or physical health, or social and economic disadvantage, and we give them a community to feel a part of.

For many people it is a delightful destination during a pleasant day out. For others who take a different path to the Physic Garden, it is a far more meaningful place.

You will find a peaceful refuge from a life outside which may be chaotic or troubled.

The benefits that people gain include social connections, self-confidence, physical and emotional well-being, and not least the simple knowledge that people care for them.

We work in partnership with many local groups and organisations.


Why we are needed

We know the statistic of 1 in 4 experiencing mental health issues, and we know rates of self-harm in the UK are the highest in Europe.

We also know that people with mental health issues are amongst the least likely of any group with long-term mental health issues to:

  • Find work
  • Be in a long-term relationship
  • Live in decent housing
  • Be socially included in mainstream society

Research from Time to Change shows the best way to challenge discrimination and stereotypes is through first-hand contact with people with experience of mental health issues.

That is why we are open to everyone, the wider community, schools and groups, over 5,000 visitors a year.



Better for our members


Improved mental health, less social isolation, new friends and more consumption of healthy food are just some of the benefits that people enjoy from taking part in the garden and its activities.

Better for the environment


As well as gardening organically we garden sustainably, following the principles of Permaculture and act as a Land Learning Centre in conjunction with the Permaculture Association.

Better for the community


In 2019 over 6,000 people visited the garden.

As well as local people we welcomed visitors from countries in Europe, Australia, and even a South Korean film crew who spent a day documenting what we do to take the gardening for health message back home.

Come and see us!

It's a nice place to be.