Keeping The Lights On - Week 10

31 May 2020

Hello again,

Week 10 feels like something of a milestone, reaching double figures not to mention June. The garden is looking good, and in fact I don't think I've ever before been quite as aware of just how fast the plants will grow at this time of year, the change from one week to the next can be quite dramatic. In order to share some of that, if you scroll down you can find a gallery of images taken this week on a sunny evening at the garden, showing some of the flowers and new growth here. Below that are a few new YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure - I particularly enjoyed recording The March of the Bees!

We're very aware that many of you are keen to get back to the garden, and want to know when that will be possible. We will have to beg your patience just a while longer before we can give out any concrete information and start setting dates. I can however confirm that a plan is in place and underway, and that we will be spending the coming days focusing on putting the necessary changes into effect at the garden to ensure that members can come back as soon as possible.

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us about anything at all at, or on 01795 539915.

Very best wishes to all,


One Late Spring Evening at the Garden

The March Of The Bees

Here's something you may not have seen before. This week a new swarm marched its way into the second hive at the garden; it was quite a sight to see and we caught it on camera. Click the image to watch.

90 Seconds' Gardening

The latest installment in Paul's 90 Seconds' Gardening series on the garden's YouTube channel. Click the image to watch this helpful guide to growing your own tomatoes in pots this summer.

Down In The River

With more freedom to head outdoors this week, Lissie took the opportunity to record this classic North American gospel song out in the sunshine. Click the image to watch.

Be safe, we will see you soon - from all at the Abbey Physic Community Garden