Keeping The Lights On

29 March 2020

Hello all, from the very quiet and peaceful Abbey Physic Community Garden - too quiet really, we're missing all our wonderful members. But don't worry, we're still here, keeping things going at the garden and making sure everything is ready for when we can all meet again soon.

This will be a weekly blog of a few things that have been happening around the garden and our wider community - you should have known it would take more than the country grinding to a halt to stop us!

We've been reaching out to many of our members with phone calls this week, checking in and seeing if anyone needs a hand getting anything to their home - do you know anyone who needs a call? Contact us on 01795 533915 or 07379 201392.

Does anyone have anything they'd like to see in next week's blog? Or even a submission - perhaps a piece of poetry or a picture, or a message for their fellow garden members? Just send me an email at

- Tom.

Seed Kits

Paul and Suzanne have put together some DIY kits for anyone who would like to trying growing at home. These contain various bulbs donated by Edible Culture, seed packets, pots and growing instructions. Interested in trying your hand? Give us a call and we can drop one round to you - standing well back as you answer the door of course!

Singing Together

Lissie who runs our singing group is determined to let the music play on. She has recorded the first of a series of weekly youtube sing-a-long videos (click on the image to see it) - and she's taking requests for the next - contact us with yours suggestions.

Seed Sowing

The veg garden will soon be springing in to life. Painstakingly and expertly cultivated soil (though I say so myself!) has been sown with seed onions, two varieties of carrots, turnips and beetroot. With much more veg sowing and growing to come, all ready for the Community Kitchen to cook up a storm.

The Iron Lady

Do you remember the rusted metal lady who wore a fine dress of fir and baubles at Christmas? She has a new coat of paint and has been underplanted with a skirt of scented summer sweet peas.

Be safe, we will see you soon - from all at the Abbey Physic Community Garden