Preparing the Meadow Area

Summer 2018

By far the biggest undertaking of the project so far – preparing the soil in the meadow area for seed sowing took four months from start to finish!

With spades, forks and gloved hands, the members of the Ground Force Action Team painstakingly removed all traces of ivy and nettle root from the ground. The soil was then broken up to create a fine tilth and raked (somewhat!) level.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all who helped, and I hope all at the Abbey Physic Community Garden will feel a sense of ownership of all the lovely plants that will grow in this space


Just a few roots... how hard could this be? 9-6-18


Good company on a hot day in the churchyard


Now that’s what I call progress


Gulp! A tasty treat for a hungry bin – only his hat remains... Dave gave everything for the project – work must continue!


A beautiful sight – work has begun!


Dead-hedging went on as digging continued


We buried two feed bins in a corner of the churchyard to serve as water butts for watering plants. Careful Dave, I think that bin has teeth...


A real team effort - the final dig, 6-9-18