Members' Meetings March 2022

19 March 2022

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you to everyone who attended one of the members' meetings at the Abbey Physic Community Garden last week. We had some great discussions about how we will run the garden, ways to increase connections in the community, upcoming events, and as always lots of wonderful new ideas for the future.

53 people came along and took part in the meetings this time. As was pointed out during Tuesday's meeting - this is how we make sure that the garden really is member-led.

The next week of meetings will be in July, dates TBA. In the meantime why not come along to an upcoming coffee morning or barbecue for a chat and a bite to eat. The next few are coming up on:

  • Barbecue - Friday 25th March 12pm
  • Coffee Morning - Wednesday 6th April 11am
  • Barbecue - Friday 29th April 12pm
  • Coffee Morning - Monday 9th May 11am

Please read on for some quick condensed highlights from the meetings - links to the full minutes from each day are at the end of the email.

Greatest Hits and Highlights

The team will be going over and digesting the full minutes soon to help steer the garden in the coming months. For now, here are a few of the more common themes from this week's meetings:

Matters arising:

  • Saturdays going well and getting busy - volunteers needed to help open on Saturdays.
  • 'Happy To Help' lanyards are a hit - anyone can wear one if they would like.

Mental Health Awareness Week:

  • 'Chatty Bench' in town is looking like a goer - look out for opportunities to volunteer to help with this.
  • Connecting with other local groups and organisations was a popular idea.
  • Open-to-all coffee morning on 9/5/22 and other suggestions to bring people in to the garden during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Tackling loneliness in the long term:

  • More flyers and handouts to reach people who are not online.
  • A-frames and possibly a return of the flag-banner in the alley to welcome people in to the garden.
  • Ways to reach new groups: families, younger people.

Platinum Jubilee / summer party:

  • Lots of thoughts and feelings from all points on the spectrum of whether to Jubilee or simply party! Look out for details of upcoming events online and at the garden.
  • Most people suggested avoiding having something on days when official events are taking place.
  • Tuesday's meeting spent a good 5 minutes listing different nostalgic foods that could be served at a tea party - I think we were all feeling hungry that day!

Reminders and updates:

  • Faversham Counselling Service is available to everyone, with no need for a referral, details availabe at the garden.
  • Upcoming new activities including Qi Gong and Drama, possibly 'Havening' too - 'Wellbeing Wednesdays'.

Cabin reopening:

  • This was generally met with enthusiastic approval - it was felt that members can responsbily and conscientiously share this space.
  • It was agreed that volunteers helping to serve in the cabin during particularly busy times may still need to close off this space for limited periods.

Trustee update:

  • Funding activities and applications are a priority at the moment.
  • The 'Vision and Learning' group are working to focus the efforts of the APCG team towards a long term vision and viability for the future.

Any other business:

  • Finding quiet spaces and times at the garden is on people's minds - this is something we always want to hear about from people.
  • New plant suggestions.
  • Recognising volunteers' contributions to gardening, shed craftiness, cake baking, expanding horticulture qualifications, welcoming and helping members and visitors.

Full Meeting Minutes

Please click on the buttons below to view / download full minutes from each day's meeting. Please note all members' names are withheld.

Thank you again to everyone who attended, to the trustees for keeping us all up to date, and to Steve for helping to chair the meetings.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do get in touch at: or call 01795 539915.

Very best wishes,

The APCG Team.