APCG DEV Page - For site Admins only

APCG Staff, Members & Associates - Web content creation notes

This page is provided for APCG admin use and is intended to help those at APCG who will be contibuting to and editing the site.

It is hidden from normal use and only available by typing the web address manually into a browser (abbeyphysic.org/apcgdev)

Here you should find advice, tips and tools to help you use the site software to edit and build new pages, edit images and ensure the site runs well.

More information will be added as time goes by. For the moment here are some links to other hidden pages that explain some of the site's functions, how to deal with images, downloadable files, adding events, etc.

This page will show you the default layouts (known as "Focus" elements) that can be added to any page and used as a basis on which to create or add to a page.

To explain, each "Focus" element is a collection of "Modules" that have been pre-arranged to give a starting point design layout - a bit like a template.

"Modules" are single building-block elements, such as a text box, an image box, a contact form, a video box, a slideshow, etc., etc.

By looking at this page, you can get an idea of what a certain "Focus" template will look like. You can add as many Focus collections or Modules to any page and rearrange them as you wish by dragging and dropping, resizing as needed, changing the sample photos they add, etc, etc.

For any website, it is critical to prepare images correctly. This involves resizing and optimising them for web use. On this page you will find tools that will help ease or automate this process for you.

This process MUST be done - if images are uploaded direct from cameras, then the site will get bogged down and eventually grind to a halt trying to download huge images (in pixel and megabyte size)

It is also critical that all file and photo filenames are web-ready, named sensibly and eventually stored in folders on the site in a way that makes sense and doesn't become a complete mess later.

Once the photos/files are sized and named properly and in a good folder structure within the site, they can then be used for adding to webpages. After they are added to a page, they cannot easily be moved, altered or changed without breaking the image/file links on the site, so it is extremely important to get this right and worked out before anything is uploaded - it's all a bit time consuming, but worth it once done.

There is nothing here yet. Notes will be added in due course

More sections to follow later....