Keeping The Lights On - 2021 Week 7

28 February 2021

Hello again,

Welcome back to what might be the last lockdown blog for a while, or possibly the last ever if things keep moving in the right direction, but of course we will all keep taking things one day at a time and doing the safest thing whatever happens.

It's appropriate that it should be the same week that the blossom buds are beginning to burst at the garden that we're able to look forward to being able to begin to lift some of the current harsh restrictions on members attending. The formal announcement and full details of exactly how this will work will be forthcoming very soon, hopefully this week.

We will be sending out emails and posting the announcement to the website and all of our social media channels, so please keep an eye out for some good news.


Amazing response to the Faversham Community Lottery Appeal from the garden

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the garden so far by ordering tickets for the forthcoming Faversham Community Lottery. We've pushed past 60% of our initial target within the first week alone - thank you!

Tickets are on sale now - please click here or on the logo image to visit our fundraising page where you can order yours. If you choose to support us then 50% of your ticket price will go directly to funding the ongoing work of the Abbey Physic Community Garden. With at least 10% going to other causes, and the rest to the running costs of the lottery.

The first draw is in April, with weekly cash prizes from £25 up to £25,000. Good luck to everyone who has bought tickets - here's hoping the first jackpot winner is reading this sentence right now!

While this might be the last instalment of the lockdown blog in its current format, we think it would be good to keep putting these out every so often to continue spreading the word about all of the many things that go on in and around the garden. So please keep an eye on our online channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter), where any future blogs, updates, pictures, videos, and anything else from the garden will be posted.

We look forward to hearing from you once announmcents for bringing members back to the garden go out, but for now you can always contact us for any reason at or by calling 01795 539915.

Sow What?

The garden's Tuesday horticulture group have been meeting online throughout lockdown. The group is available to all members for free, and offers a Level One NVQ qualification and ongoing horticulture training. Please click on the image to get a guide to seed sowing from one of our horticulture students.

Talk To The Trees

This week's song reminds us that sometimes you can get a bit of perspective on your troubles by telling them to the trees, who of course have had them all before, countless times. Please click on the image for the latest sing-a-long. And thank you Lissie from me, for your contributions to this blog.

Reporting (nearly) Live

'The Abbey Report' features the first of this year's almond blossom and the latest developments in the Moon Garden, which is really starting to take shape now - we can't wait to put the first plants in! Please click on the image to see what's been happening at the garden.

Rough Rejuvenation

Hard pruning can seem traumatic, but it can be the best way to keep an older plant vigorous and healthy, encouraging new juvenile growth. Please click on the image to see the latest 'Get Gardening' guide, where the garden's black elder plant gets a serious haircut.

See you very soon! - The Abbey Physic Community Garden Team