Keeping The Lights On - 2021 Week 6

21 February 2021

Hello all,

Apologies for being a day late this week - a week in which winter became spring, and quite a warm spring by the end of it. The birds have been investigating nesting sites at the garden this week, the chickens in the coop have been squawking in a manner with which anyone who was around when an egg was being laid last year will be familar, and I was particularly pleased to see signs of life indicating that both of our beehives may have made it through the worst of the winter.

There are lots of new clips and reminders of ongoing lockdown activities below, but first some rather exciting news:


Support the Garden Through the Faversham and District Lottery

We're pleased to be able to finally announce something that has been in the works for many months - the Faversham and District lottery will be going live next week, with tickets available for purchase online at £1 each, and a weekly jackpot of £25,000, with many other smaller prizes each week besides.

The lottery is an innovative scheme to raise funds for local groups and organisations like the Abbey Physic Community Garden - with tickets available as one-off purchases, or as an automatic monthly plan, with at least 60% of each ticket's price going to support these causes.

For full details please click here or on the logo image to visit the official website.

Ticket sales are now live, so please consider clicking on the link and buying your first tickets in support of the Abbey Physic Community Garden - thank you.

As the vaccination programme continues nationwide, we're keeping a close eye on all announcements from the government and NHS as to when and how the current lockdown restrictions on attending the garden can be eased somewhat. As soon as this happens, rest assured that we will be contacting people and announcing any changes through email, and on our website and social media pages.

In the meantime, staff and volunteers are at the garden six days a week, so please don't hesitate to get in touch at or by calling 01795 539915.

Ground to Plate

Continuing our video series looking back at some of the better things that happened at the garden in 2020 - this week featuring some of the record quantity of veg we grew (and cooked (and ate!)). Please click on the image to watch on YouTube.

Get Gardening

Pruning roses can be a bit daunting and intimidating, but there's no substitute for getting stuck in and having a go (with a little helpful advice!) Please click on the image to watch part one of this two-part video on the subject - click here for part two.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Join in with a meditation and mindful journaling session run from the garden, this coming Thursday, 25 February at 4pm. It doesn't matter if you haven't been to one before, everyone is welcome. Please click on the image for more details - Zoom id: 815 4607 9904 passcode: 198759

Cooking and Community

Join in with a cook-along from the Faversham Community Kitchen (Friday, 11am; Zoom id: 675 702 0894 passcode: apcg), or just tune in to watch and chat, then print and try the recipe for yourself. Clicking on the image will take you to our Facebook page, where recipes are posted each week.

Coming Up For Air

The lyrics to this week's sing-along from Lissie will surely resonate with everyone - we've all had to find our way back to a better place after a difficult time. Please click on the image to watch on YouTube.

Verdant Verse

A few weeks ago we launched a request for poetry inspired by gardens and gardening. We've had great responses, thank you to those who sent in a poem, and we'd love to add to the collection. Please click on the image to find out more.

The Abbey Report

A few developments on the ground at the garden this week, and we check in with the chickens, as well as a few new flowers and buds to be seen as spring gets ready to spring. Please click on the image to watch on YouTube.

What's up?

Last but certainly not least, a reminder that we have an Abbey Physic Community Garden members' WhatsApp group that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can join. Please click on the image to send an email containing your contact details if you would like an invite to the group.

With very best wishes - The Abbey Physic Community Garden Team